Our Staff


Teacher Qualifications

The most important criterion we use in selecting SYC teachers is their rapport with children and their respect for children’s ideas and feelings, but all have training as required by Ohio Daycare Licensing and are qualifed as teachers and assistant teachers by the NAEYC Academy for Early Childhood Program Accreditation.

Director – Stephanie Rottmayer

I began teaching at SYC in 1976. During that time, I discovered that I loved working with young children so I went back for my Master’s in Human Relations with a specialization in Early Childhood Education from Pacific Oaks College. I became the director in 2005. I have two adult sons who went to SYC, one jazz pianist and one graphic designer/photographer/songwriter.

Little known fact: I have traveled for one week of the last 35 summers with the same group of women—many who are retired SYC teachers. This year we went to Maine and ate lobster every day.



Julie Ballinger
I have a B.S. from The Ohio State University in Natural Resources. After college, I taught Environmental Education . This will be my 8th year teaching at SYC – I started because I wasn’t ready to leave SYC when my children had “graduated”!

Little known fact: After college I led canoe trips in Virginia for middle and high school aged students educating them about the Chesapeake Bay.

Jenifer Bojanowski
I have been teaching at SYC since 1992 (with the exception of 6 years when I was in California- too long of a commute). I hold a Bachelors of Science from Bethany College in West Virginia.

Little known facts: When I am not at SYC I can be found amongst my many beads creating jewelry. I was adopted by a cat last winter named “Meowser.”

Maureen CampbellMaureen Campbell
This is my first year teaching at SYC and I’m currently enrolled at Columbus State in the Early Childhood program. I have spent the past 10 years home with my children, and now that they are all in school I’m able to focus more on the many other things going on in my life!

Little known fact: In 1998 I had the opportunity to spend 10 weeks living with a family in Mexico. It was awesome!

Ellen CookEllen Cook
I graduated from Xavier University with degrees in Elementary Education and Montessori Preschool Education. I have worked in the field of early childhood education as a teacher, parent mentor and a trainee at The Ohio State University’s interdisciplinary leadership program. My husband, Dave and I have four children: Tori, Drew, Mitchell and Noah.

Little known fact: I am the youngest child of five, all of us born within three and half years.

Molly Cultice
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development. This coming year will be my 7th year teaching at SYC. During college and after, until I started my family, I worked in several child care centers.

Little known fact: All 3 of my children attended SYC and I am also an SYC alumni! I went there when I was 4 and 5.

Gudrun Herzog
I have a master’s degree in Biology/Botany from Uni Graz (Graz University) in Austria. Currently I am enrolled in a program through Action for Children and Columbus State to get my Child Development Associate credentials. This year will be my 9th year teaching at SYC . I am married and have two children, age 11 and 13 who are both SYC alumni and a dog named Banjo.

Little known fact: I once studied law and worked for IBM and liked neither one of them!

Denise Jacobs
I have a B.B.A. in computer science (from Kent State). I worked as a computer programmer/analyst at AEP before having children. This will be my ninth year teaching at SYC. I am married with two teenage boys who are both SYC alumni.

Little known fact: I have been backpacking in Hawaii two times.

Lisa Marquand
I have a B.A. in social work (Purdue) and an M.S.W. (OSU). I’ve worked as a social worker in an agency for the elderly, a pediatric nursing home and day school, a community house, a sheltered workshop, and a mental health agency. This will be my 10th year teaching at SYC, though my children attended SYC for 5 years prior to my employment.

Little known fact: I grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Indiana.

Dawn Nauman
I just graduated with an Associates degree in early childhood education in September. This is my first year teaching at SYC, though I have spent time here over the last year as a field student and a Playcamp teacher. I am married, have two children and a dog.

Little Known Fact: My last career was in local government. I am reminded each day that City Council members and preschoolers can be surprisingly alike!

Lara PelleritiLara Pelleriti
I have a BS in Child and Family Sciences and a minor in Women’s Studies from The Ohio State University.  I spent many years working as a mother, social worker, child care provider, and baker.  I have a 20 year old, 8 year old, and a 7 year old.  My two youngest went to SYC and I loved it instantly!

Little Known Fact: I traveled with The Grateful Dead for many years.

Susan Roscigno
I hold a BA in Elementary Education and a MS in Human Development and Family Sciences. I taught first and second grade for seven years, stayed home with my children (now ages 12 and 15) for a few years, and have been at SYC for seven years. Outside of SYC, I love to knit, travel and read.

Little known fact: My son and I belong to a local gaming group and our favorite card game is called Hand and Foot.

Amy Rudawsky
I’m a graduate from The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and Development. The last 13 years I have been involved in the early childhood field, as a teacher and administrator, research assistant, contributing writer to Ohio’s Infant and Toddler’s Guidelines, a contributing member to Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (O.C.C.R.R.A) and as Mom to Nate and Natalie (both SYC Alums).

Little Known Fact: In my spare time I enjoy running and spending time outdoors with my family.


Support Staff

Adele Stratton
I’ve worked at SYC since 1991. Before SYC and having babies, I briefly worked writing radio and television ads for an advertising agency, hated it, then went to work as the office manager of an accounting firm. My husband and I have two grown sons, one daughter-in-law, and a granddaughter who now attends SYC.

Little known fact: I can finger-whistle loud enough to hurt your eardrums!

Holly Adams
I have a BA in Music from OSU. I play the flute, piano and sing! After college, I worked as an assistant manager at a housewares store and at a major health insurance company before having kids and becoming a SAHM. I’m so happy to work in the office at SYC where my two kids spent a total of six years.

Little known fact: I was once on the Reynoldsburg Tomato Queen Court.