Can I bring my child with me when I visit the school?

If you come without children (except for an infant in arms), we will have you sit in a classroom where you will be able to observe a class for up to 45 minutes.  Then, you can come into our office and discuss any concerns or questions you have after your observations. If you would like to observe two or more classes to see how the program transitions as children get older, you can do that too if you do not bring a child with you. 

If you bring a child, a member of the office staff will accompany you into the classroom and we will strictly limit your visit to 15 minutes.  Of course, you will need to supervise your child while trying to observe.  It can be both exciting and overwhelming when a young child is presented with an environment with 10, 18 or 21 kids who are all at least a year older than she is, who are all playing together in a room full of toys and activities.  It’s a little like going to COSI Kidspace for only 15 minutes.  Visiting children are often inconsolable when it’s time to leave.

Also, we suggest you talk to your child before your visit to explain that it will be a very short time, and that he might not want to leave, but will still have to go when it’s time.  We suggest that you go ahead and leave after your visit, then call us at a convenient time to discuss any questions you might have about our program.  It’s also a good idea to have something fun planned for after the visit.

We know it can be difficult to find child care on weekdays.  Some parents find it helpful to trade child care with friends so each parent can visit the classroom without bringing children.


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