What if I didn’t get my first choice class for my child?

Accepting or declining a space in a second- or third-choice class will have no effect on your status on the waitlist(s) of any other class(es).  You can decline the offer (by not signing the contract or paying the tuition deposit) and still remain on other class waitlists.

If you sign the contract and we are later able to offer you a space in the class that you would prefer, any money you’ve paid toward next year will be applied to your first choice class, and when you sign the contract for your first-choice class, we will release you from the terms of your original contract.  However, please do not sign your contract and pay the deposit unless you are willing for your child to actually attend the class listed on your contract, in the event we are not able to offer you your preferred option.  A signed contract and paid deposit obligates you to pay for that class unless we are able to find a replacement child to fill the spot.

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