Class Features

Food and Snacks

Children in morning classes bring their lunch to school; afternoon classes bring a snack and children and teachers eat together. Food consumption is not the focus, but rather the social interaction that occurs.

Each family provides nutritious snacks for their class for two weeks during the year. These snacks are available on a “help yourself” basis during class. (2’s classes do not bring lunch, but do have snacks.)

Home visits

Each child receives a home visit from one of his/her teachers early in the school year. This is a child’s special time with a teacher, to help ease the transition from home to school.

Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled each year after Winter Recess. However, we urge parents to contact teachers throughout the year to talk about any concerns they may have about their child’s school experience.

Family Potlucks

Each of the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s classes class schedules a family potluck breakfast or lunch early in the school year so that families of students in each class can get to know one another. Each class schedules two parent coffees during class time for parents to get acquainted and discuss ideas and issues important to them.

In May we hold school-family potluck picnics for classes. In good weather, we all sit in the east playground–if it rains, we retreat to the Fellowship Hall and spread our blankets on the concrete floor.

Parent Education

We also offer four parent education evenings throughout the school year which are popular with many parents. These are informal get-togethers, each with a discussion-provoking topic on an area of parenting or child development. Cost is $8 per adult. Childcare ($5 per child) is offered for these sessions.


SYC publishes a school newsletter four times per year with news about the school and classes, and articles of interest to our families. Parents are invited to submit articles.

Class Pictures

Each spring we hire a professional photographer to take class pictures. Each child in the class receives a copy at no extra charge.

Visit Us!

Of course, the best way to find out if a program is right for you and your child is to visit the school. Please call to schedule an appointment.