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SYC’s Social/Emotional Umbrella

14 September 2017

SYC's Social/Emotional Umbrella

When we give tours and talk to people about SYC, it’s always a bit hard to describe who we are and what we do. We mostly play so we call ourselves “play-based” but that has come to mean so many … Continue reading

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Reigniting the fire and carrying the torch…

30 July 2017

Reigniting the fire and carrying the torch...

Recently Susan and I traveled to Sacramento, California for a unique opportunity to learn from some lifelong advocates of play.  Sitting right on the Placer County fairgrounds is the Roseville Community Preschool (RCP), made known by passionate play advocate Bev … Continue reading

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A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

18 May 2017

You come to school every few days and see what’s happening in the classrooms:  the loving attention of our teachers, the excitement of playing with peers, the conflict that comes from differing opinions and the resolution that often comes after, … Continue reading

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Risk Taking for Preschoolers

21 February 2017

Risk Taking for Preschoolers

What do we know about risk taking for preschoolers? This is what we know…risk taking and risk assessment is a vital role in a person’s growth and development in life.   For an adult, it might look like taking on … Continue reading

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