2024-25 Class Application and Tuition Information:

Please read the 2024-25 Application Packet below before submitting your 2024-25 school year application on Jovial.

There is a $60 non-refundable registration fee per family.  Parents are required to read and approve a tuition contract, agreeing to pay the full year’s tuition. A tuition deposit is due with the approved contract. Tuition for each class is set as a full amount for the entire 32-week program. The remaining tuition balance is paid in installments beginning no later than August of the school year.

More detailed information about tuition is included in the application packet below.  Limited tuition assistance will be available to families if we still have scholarship funds.

Application Packet for the 2024-25 school year:

Scholarship Application for the 2024-25 school year:

2024-2025 School Year Tuition Amounts (for classes beginning September 9, 2024):

2s classes (2 day) – age 2 by 6/30/24, Friday 2s – age 2 by 9/30/24, 3s classes – age 3 by 9/30/24, 4s classes – age 4 by 9/30/24

ClassTotal Yearly TuitionDeposit Due 4/9/24BalanceMonthly Payment*
Mon-Wed AM 2’s 1,900.00220.001,680.00210.00
Tues-Thurs AM 2’s 1,900.00220.001,680.00210.00
Friday AM 2’s950.00110.00840.00105.00
Mon-Wed-Fri AM 3’s 2,773.00317.002,456.00307.00
Tues-Thurs AM 3’s 1,850.00218.001,632.00204.00
Tues-Wed-Thurs PM 3/4’s2,773.00317.002,456.00307.00
Mon-Wed-Fri AM 4’/5s 2,773.00317.002,456.00307.00
Tues-Thurs AM 4/5’s 1,850.00218.001,632.00204.00
Tue-Wed-Thurs-Fri PM 4/5’s 3,450.00386.003,064.00383.00

*8 payments: 8/1/24, 9/1/24, 10/1/24, 11/1/24, 12/1/24, 1/1/25, 2/1/25 and 3/1/25

Families with more than one child attending in the same year receive a 5% discount on the lower tuition amount(s) for the second (and any additional) child(ren).

Families are always welcome to make tuition payments in advance of August or any due date.

Other Forms (required after acceptance into the program)