Articles on parenting topics written by SYC Staff:

Play Dates – Written by Angela LaMonte, SYC teacher, this is helpful for parents who are new to Playdates.

In Spanish:  Organizando Vistas Para Jugar

Handling Tantrums – by Angela LaMonte, SYC teacher.

Children and Emotions – another one by SYC Teacher Angela LaMonte, exploring this big topic of early childhood.

Special Time – written by a former SYC teacher,  this is a simple way for overwhelmed parents to provide important, focused attention to individual children.

Young Children and Rejection – SYC Director Stephanie Rottmayer addresses this tough topic and how we view and handle it at SYC.

Learning About Death- Appropriate ways parents can handle the subject of death with young children written by an SYC teacher.


Articles we like on parenting topics written by others:

Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job” – The author of Unconditional Parenting and Punished By Rewards challenges the conventional wisdom.

What’s Behind a Temper Tantrum – Scientists deconstruct the screams.

Is Shyness an Evolutionary Tactic? – “What I love about this article is that it takes me back to SYC Founder Janet Stocker and her respect for uniqueness.   She has always been a champion for accepting all temperaments and quirks and seeing the positives in them.” …Stephanie Rottmayer, SYC Director

Potty Talk and Body Glee – some suggestions for how to respond when your child begins using potty talk.

What If we Admitted to Children That Sex Is Primarily About Pleasure? - good article about talking to children about sex.

Why Trying To Make Our Kids Happy Can Backfire


Articles on classroom practices at SYC:

Below is a collection of articles written by SYC staff that will help explain some of the most important aspects of SYC’s philosophy and classroom practices:

The First Preschool Hurdle-Separation

If You Get A Letter

Rough and Tumble Play at SYC

Children and Conflict

Developing Generosity In Your Child-Sharing and Turn Taking

Weapon Play at SYC

The Parents in the Hall