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School for Young Children Welcome to the website of the School for Young Children in Columbus, Ohio. Our program was founded in 1969 as a part-time preschool program.  Our philosophy has remained consistent through the years; that children be allowed to develop at their own pace in an atmosphere of free play enriched with a variety of creative materials and the support of teachers who respect them as individuals.

As a community outreach program of the First Unitarian Universalist Church, we are a welcoming school--we do not discriminate upon the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or cultural background of parents or children.

Enrollment for 2012-13 – News

Posted on February 21, 2012 in category SYC Announce

We had an unusually large number of applications submitted for SYC’s 2012-13 school year.  As of our opening enrollment date (Friday, February 17), we received 169 applications for 147 available spaces.  So, unfortunately we were not able to immediately place all applicants into classes, and of those we were able to place, many did not receive their first choice classes.  You can find the length of the class waitlists here, and we will update as changes/withdrawals occur.  Although each year is different, last year we had approximately 25 withdrawals/changes between this time of year and the beginning of the school year.

2012-13 Enrollment Is Underway

Posted on January 09, 2012 in category SYC Announce

Materials are now available for enrolling children into SYC’s 2012-13 school year, which will begin September 10, 2012.  The processing date and time for applications for the 2012-13 school year will be February 17, 2012 at 3:15 p.m.  This means that preliminary class lists will be assembled from all applications we have received by that time and that applicants applying after that time will be placed in classes and/or on waitlists on a first come, first serve basis as class space is available.

You can download the registration materials here.


Posted on November 08, 2011 in category Director's Blog

The beginning of this school year brought many changes in the SYC office.  Adele, our office manager and I had to learn to use a new email system as well as learn about and help build our new website during the first few weeks of September, which is normally already wildly busy just with the flurry and confusion of teacher prep week and the first weeks of school.

The computer changes will make things so much easier for us in the long run but in the short run, it’s put us behind in every area and we are having a hard time catching up.  We are starting to round the corner now and our stress levels are slowly settling  into a lower gear.

All this reminded me of how children feel at the beginning of the school year.  They have to adjust to moving from summer schedules to being in a different physical environment as well as meeting new teachers and children!  It’s an exciting time but, even if it is going well, all change brings stress.

When kids are stressed out, you might notice short-term behavioral changes—such as mood swings, acting out, changes in sleep patterns, or regressions like thumb sucking or toileting.  Some kids experience physical effects, including stomachaches and headaches.

In times of stress, Mr. Rogers reminds us that it helps our children’s stress levels a lot when we adults work on our own stress levels.  Here are some key points offered in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: (excerpted from “What Do You Do with the Stress that You Feel?” By Hedda Sharapan, http://www.fredrogers.org/pro-dev/november.html)

Be mindful: Slow down and take the time to focus on enjoying the small things.  Think about how calming it can be when you take a moment to notice and appreciate the sky or a tree on your way to work or to focus on the texture and taste of the food you’re chewing.

Build relationships: Fred often said, “It’s through relationships that we grow best and learn best” – and that’s not just for children!  Make time to be with your friends.

Have realistic expectations of ourselves:  We all fall short of the mark sometimes.  That’s just because we’re human.  Fred said: “The greatest loss we have to deal with is the loss of the image of ourselves as a perfect person.”  Let’s be gentle on ourselves when we make mistakes.  Fred often reminded us there are no perfect teachers, parents, or children – just human ones.

We are all affected by changes, but being surrounded by this wonderful community of families gives us so much support through our stresses and we hope that the SYC staff gives you the support your family needs throughout the year.


Posted on September 27, 2011 in category Director's Blog

We are always honored when a family chooses our preschool program for their children. It’s a big decision to allow other adults to have an influence in the life of your family and we appreciate the amount of trust this takes.

There are lots of research studies showing the benefits of attending a high quality preschool. However, these studies indicate that only high-quality programs have lasting positive effects. So what makes a program high quality? I was delighted to learn that in these studies, programs were considered high-quality if they empowered children, families and teachers!

Here at SYC we empower young children by supporting and encouraging them in all areas of development: social, emotional, physical and intellectual. We want to empower them to think for themselves, solve their own problems, and be an active participant in their own learning.

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