Articles on parenting topics written by SYC Staff:

Play Dates – Written by Angela LaMonte, SYC teacher, this is helpful for parents who are new to Playdates.

In Spanish:  Organizando Vistas Para Jugar

Handling Tantrums – by Angela LaMonte, SYC teacher.

Children and Emotions – another one by SYC Teacher Angela LaMonte, exploring this big topic of early childhood.

Special Time – written by a former SYC teacher,  this is a simple way for overwhelmed parents to provide important, focused attention to individual children.

Young Children and Rejection – SYC Director Stephanie Rottmayer addresses this tough topic and how we view and handle it at SYC.

Learning About Death– Appropriate ways parents can handle the subject of death with young children written by an SYC teacher.


Articles we like on parenting topics written by others:

Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job” – The author of Unconditional Parenting and Punished By Rewards challenges the conventional wisdom.

What’s Behind a Temper Tantrum – Scientists deconstruct the screams.

Is Shyness an Evolutionary Tactic? – “What I love about this article is that it takes me back to SYC Founder Janet Stocker and her respect for uniqueness.   She has always been a champion for accepting all temperaments and quirks and seeing the positives in them.” …Stephanie Rottmayer, SYC Director

Potty Talk and Body Glee – some suggestions for how to respond when your child begins using potty talk.

What If we Admitted to Children That Sex Is Primarily About Pleasure? – good article about talking to children about sex.

Why Trying To Make Our Kids Happy Can Backfire

I Accept the Mess: What Setting Limits Looks Like


Articles on classroom practices at SYC:

Below is a collection of articles written by SYC staff that will help explain some of the most important aspects of SYC’s philosophy and classroom practices:

The First Preschool Hurdle-Separation

If You Get A Letter

Rough and Tumble Play at SYC

Children and Conflict

Developing Generosity In Your Child-Sharing and Turn Taking

Weapon Play at SYC

The Parents in the Hall