A Letter from an SYC Visitor


SYC recently received this letter from an early childhood professional from San Francisco.  We thought we would share her wonderful words.


Dear SYC Staff,

Thank you so much for allowing me to visit your center earlier this month.  After reading It\’s Ok NOT to Share, I found out the SYC was in Columbus, I knew I had to visit, as I\’m from Dayton and was heading back to Ohio shortly.  So, lucky for me, about 2 weeks ago I got to visit your lovely school on a Friday afternoon for a few hours.  I was so impressed by the teaching staff and the environment they had set up for the children.  But what stuck me most about the SYC was over and above everything else was the high quality of teacher-child interactions.  In child care, we certainly can\’t emphasize enough how important it is to speak with children in a respectful manner.  I shared all the photos I took and the information I gleamed from my visit with my staff last night at our monthly meeting and they were so interested to hear about it.  We\’re considering reading the book for our professional development next school year.

Then when I found out on my visit that SYC staff had just met with Celia Genishi, who was my supervising professor in Grad School, I realized why I was attracted to the book and your school in the first place.  Like minds do eventually find each other!

Thank you so much for providing the environment that put this book out there in the public eye, we\’ve recommended it to all our families at the Children\’s Campus and I\’ve let all my mommy friends know as well.  The children and families at your school are very lucky.

Keep up the good work,

Kelly Dotson


Kelly Dotson, MA

Children\’s Campus Program Manager

San Francisco State University