2015-16 Priority Registration Results

After priority registration for our 2015-16 school year opened on February 13, we have 32 openings remaining.

Those openings are as follows:

Class Spaces Remaining Waitlist Length Usual Turnover Rate Original Waitlist Number of last child placed in class in 2014-15
Mon-Wed AM 2\’s 5 0 low 6*
Tues-Thurs AM 2\’s 2 0 low *
January Friday 2\’s 6 0 medium *
Mon-Wed-Fri AM 3\’s 1 0 low 2
Tues-Thurs AM 3\’s 3 0 medium 7
Tues-Wed-Thurs PM 3/4\’s 11 0 high 17
Mon-Wed-Fri AM 4\’s 0 16 very low 4
Tues-Thurs AM 4\’s 5 0 high 15
Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri PM 4/5\’s 0 6 medium 6

*2\’s classes generally have the same people in the same order on all 3 waitlists.

Please keep in mind that these results are preliminary. Although each year is different, we usually have a good deal of waitlist movement between February and the beginning of the school year in September. We send monthly e-mail updates to all families on waitlists to keep parents informed of the changes.

Those wishing to apply for our remaining openings have until 12:00 noon on Friday, February 20 to turn their applications into us in order for their children to be placed in the non-priority lottery for non-priority placement.

If you have questions about our registration procedures, please contact us at 614-267-0254.