Communication and Relationships

One of our core values at SYC is relationships through open communication.  We strive to have strong relationships with the children, each other and you the parents and we know that the key to any great relationship is open communication.  In order for us to maintain and improve our quality program we need to evaluate and reevaluate our practices with input from all parties.

Teaching teams meet daily before or after class to review the classroom dynamics, celebrate the things that went well and brainstorm the challenges.  As a whole staff we meet monthly and sometimes bi-monthly to stretch our thinking and examine our practices on a larger scale.  We set individual and program-wide goals each year. 

After the New Year, your small group teacher will reach out to schedule a time to meet for a conference.  Prior to that, Holly will send out a link to the Pre-Conference Questionnaire for you to either fill out online or on paper. The questionnaire asks about your child’s experience in school thus far, your concerns, and other information that is vital to teachers in preparing for your child’s conference.  It helps teachers better manage the conference time in order to address your concerns and to prepare resources for you. During your scheduled conference time you can expect your child’s small group teacher to share observations of your child’s play interests, peer relationships, and developmental stages, and to discuss goals for your child\’s growth  You can also expect teachers to share insights on any concerns you may have and to provide information on additional resources should you need them. 

In years prior we have sent out a year-end program evaluation which we have found helpful if a little late in the year.  To find out what your thoughts and concerns might be earlier in our relationship, this year we will also be sending out a short mid-year feedback form.  We ask that you take a few moments to fill it out or to come in and talk with one of us if you’d rather.  Your feedback is an essential piece to our process in examining our practices.  We value your thoughts and ideas, both positive and negative.  Please fill it out before we close for the winter break on Friday, December 13.

As mentioned above, communication is one of our core values.  The last section of the form will ask if you would like your child’s small group teacher to contact you, if you’d like a director to contact you or if you do not need to discuss further.  Please know that although we are requesting feedback through this form, should you want to talk at anytime throughout the year, we invite you to share your thoughts with us or with the teachers. As you may have noticed there is a quote hanging in our hallway leading to the classrooms.  “In times of conflict, increase communication.” -Jan Waters and Stephanie Rottmayer.  We could add that much conflict can be avoided or addressed sooner if we communicate early and often.   Hearing what’s working well for you also helps build our relationship.  Let’s talk.  

…Susan Roscigno and Amy Rudawsky, Co-Directors