Fundraiser – Sharpening on Site

Our final SYC fundraiser of the year is being hosted by Sharpening On Site. Rebecca Lyon, owner and SYC mom, will park her big blue truck next to the SYC turnaround on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 20th and 21st.  She will be there from 12:00pm to at least 3:30pm on both days.  Bring her your garden tools, knives, scissors….she can sharpen almost anything with a blade!  Depending on turn-out, she may also be at SYC on Thursday the 22nd.

Drop-off and pick-up for all items will be here at SYC.  Ideally, you will take items straight to Rebecca in the truck.  If you need to drop off items prior to 12:00 pm, or on Monday, you can leave them in the SYC office, but please make sure all items are well labeled!  Masking tape or mailing labels work well and will keep all of our almost identical shovels and scissors from being mixed-up.  Knife boxes will also be available in the office if you need early drop-off.  Since we can\’t know how many people will participate, we can\’t give a guarantee that your items will be ready the same day, but we feel certain you will be happy with your newly sharpened tools.  Just ask Adele for her testimonial of the re-sharpened wedding knife.

Please visit Rebecca\’s website, for a full price list of items that can be sharpened.  Please make sure the items you bring in are reasonably clean.  Payment will go directly to Sharpening On Site, cash or check only.  A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to SYC.