Visiting SYC

We’ll begin accepting visitors into our classes for 3 and 4-year-olds beginning the week of October 1.   Visits to SYC are by appointment only—we accept one visitor (or couple) per class per day in order to keep the room from filling up with adults.  Visits for our 2-year-old classes will begin a few weeks later when our younger group is settled into their new class surroundings and routines.

Morning class visits usually begin at 10:30, and afternoon class visits begin at 1:45.

Although it is okay to bring a child with you when visiting, we will limit your visit to 15-20 minutes due to the disruption that a new child in the classroom can cause.  We also suggest that you have a plan for something enjoyable to do with your child after your visit, because it’s not uncommon for visiting children to become extremely upset when it’s time to leave SYC—it’s a fun place for kids!  If you do bring a child to your visit and do not have the opportunity to get all your questions answered, we will be glad to answer them by phone when it’s convenient for you.

Please call us at 614.267.0254 and speak to either Adele or Holly to schedule your visit.