Community at SYC

At SYC, we want to establish great relationships among children, teachers, families and friends. Here are some of the ways we begin to connect with each other:

  • Our relationship starts with a tour of the program before registering.
  • Our Parent Orientation Night before the first day of school presents our philosophy and goals and allows parents see the classrooms, talk with the teachers and receive paperwork.
  • The first day of school is split into two one hour sessions so that teachers can meet and talk with parents a bit while their children begin to explore the classroom and meet classmates.
  • We ask parents to fill out a parent volunteer/interest finder form which offering parents many ways to participate in our program.
  • Teachers have started to visit the homes of each child assigned to their small group. This visit is to build the relationship with the child and make a bridge between home and school.
  • Parents are invited to Parent Coffees during class time. The head teacher gets a substitute for the day and meets with parents to talk about general happenings in the class or specific topics as requested by families. You will get an invitation to the Coffee from your head teacher.
  • We have four Parent Education Nights during October and November for parents to come and discuss topics such as Emotional Development, Social Learning, Discipline, etc.
  • The school uses email, hall and classroom signs and notes, mail, telephone, newsletters, bulletin boards and our website ( to help keep everyone informed of events.
  • Parents are always welcome into the class to observe, help, visit and play at any time. Parents are encouraged by the teachers to share family culture with the class in any way that is comfortable for them.
  • Teachers schedule times whenever necessary to talk with parents to discuss any problems before or after class or by telephone, email or back and forth notes.

We hope your family has started to feel part of our community. Feel free to stop into the office to let us know how things are going for you.   …Stephanie Rottmayer, Director