Changes at SYC

When I think about my time at SYC, it’s been so much more than a job. I started in 1975 as a parent who loved hanging around as a volunteer because it taught me so much about parenting. When I was officially hired as a teacher in 1976, I started learning about child development and became interested in my own personal growth and development.

Being on the staff of SYC has always been the perfect place to discover your own creativity and interests. The staff always felt like the most nurturing family there could ever be. When Jan Waters told me that she wanted me to become the director, she said “Start working on your degree.” I had always hated school but I gulped and enrolled. I never would have gone back without that push and ended up loving being an adult college student. As director I really enjoyed being the support person for the teachers. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without SYC.

I have decided to step down from being the director at the end of this school year.  Susan Roscigno and Amy Rudawsky will be the Co-Directors and will both continue teaching. Susan and Amy have been working with me for several years in the office now and both are dedicated to our SYC philosophy.

But I’m not leaving SYC yet. I will be staying on as the Program Consultant so that I can continue being in that support role that I love; I’ll just have fewer hours and more trips to Florida along with it.

Changes are always challenging and different people bring different talents with them, but I feel confident that SYC will continue to be a place that nurtures growth and development for everyone.

..Stephanie Rottmayer, Director