Ready, set, here we come!!

The beginning of our new school year will be
here before we know it.

This year, Susan Roscigno and Amy Rudawsky
will officially become Co-Associate Directors as well
as teachers! They have been working with me on
administrative duties for the past two years with the
National Association for Early Childhood Education.
They did an outstanding job and we received our
highest ratings ever with NAEYC.

Susan has taught at SYC for the last 10 years and
has an MA in Early Childhood Education from OSU.
Before coming to SYC she was an elementary school
teacher in Raleigh, NC. Amy has taught at SYC for
five years and has a BS in Human Ecology with a
specialization in Early Childhood Development.
Before coming to SYC, Amy was Associate Director
of the Compass School in Powell and was on the
writing team for the state of Ohio’s Infant and
Toddler Guidelines. She has also been a consultant
for Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral

We are making these appointments because I
am beginning to think about my retirement. My plan
is to stay on as Director for the next few years by
gradually decreasing my hours as Susan and Amy
add administrative ones.

SYC began with Co-Directors and I am hoping
Susan and Amy will be Co-Directors when I retire. As
Co-Directors, Amy and Susan can continue teaching
as well as directing—keeping them closely in touch
with the needs of children, families and staff. Both
Susan and Amy are talented, organized and
dedicated to the philosophy of our program. Please
welcome and encourage them as we embark on
these changes.

…Stephanie Rottmayer, Director