Reflections and Additions

I spent a lot of time this summer sorting through papers in the file cabinet in the SYC office. I found lots of writing by the original founders of the School for Young Children, Lee Row and Janet Stocker and by their mentors Mary Evans and Mary Nicholaysen. One paper written by Mary Nicholaysen in 1968 clearly talked about one of our main tenants at SYC—showing respect for children by understanding and respecting their developmental process. There used to be a quote on the bulletin board in our office attributed to Don Jones that said “You can’t make corn grow faster by pulling on it.” So at SYC we provide a rich environment full of creative materials and play objects and allow children to explore ideas, play with language and literacy, experiment with scientific principles, engage in social connection and begin to understand their emotions–all at their own natural rate of development. When the kids need help, teachers are nearby to offer support and encouragement in all this exciting learning. So it was wonderful to reflect on Mary Nicholaysan’s words in 1968 and know that respect for each child’s development is still going strong at SYC today.

I was making room in that file cabinet and the director’s office so that there would be room in there for our two new Co-Associate Directors Susan Roscigno and Amy Rudawsky who have official office hours this year. I feel so lucky to have these two great women to consult with this year!

…Stephanie Rottmayer, Director