More Changes at SYC

I took over the Office Manager job at SYC in 1991 when my youngest child was in first grade. I expected to stay until he began high school.

Well…he’s 31 now.

I so enjoyed the people—my coworkers and getting to know the SYC parents—and the job turned out to be a terrific fit for my skills, for my personality and for the 15 years of my life that entailed a lot of elder-caregiving, that my plan to leave SYC before retirement age very happily flew out the window.

I’m both excited and a little sad to have decided that this will be my last year at SYC. My husband Lee has been retired for 7 years, we’re wanting to have a little more time and flexibility for traveling before we require eldercare ourselves!

Holly Adams, who has been working with me for 3 years will be running the office single-handedly next year. But you probably haven’t seen the last of me because I’ll be volunteering to help her whenever she can stand to have me around!

…Adele Stratton, Office Manager